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Tahoe Knits is a collection of 15 knitting patterns inspired by the mountains, trails, forests, and crystal clear waters of the Lake Tahoe region.   From cowls to sweaters to mitts and leg warmers there is something for everyone in this collection.  Pattern difficulty ranges from advanced beginner basics (The Ridge Cowl & Hike Your Own Hike Hat) to Estonian lace work (Treeline Scarf).

In addition to patterns, designer Kirsti Johanson has collaborated with writer Britt Stevens to include historical notes and writings.  This is armchair travel at its best; visit the Ponderosa Ranch (of Bonanza! Fame), stop by Virginia City and explore the riches that were the Comstock Lode, and explore the hiking of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Illustrator Jemima Liposcak has created whimsical wildlife to dance across the pages, and poet Claire Wisniewski offers verse to enjoy in a thoughtful break from stitching.

Patterns will be available for purchase indiviually through Ravelry as well as BOOK and EBOOK formats.


  • Switchback Leggings [$5]
  • Hike Your Own Hike Hat [$4]
  • Rubicon Cardigan [$8]


  • Fannette Island Cowl [ $5]
  • Summit Lake Mitts [$5]
  • Summit Lake Scarf [$5]
  • Crystal Bay Shawl [$5]


  • Tree Line Scarf [$8]
  • Oaken [$6]
  • Sugar Pine Shawl [$6]


  • The Ridge Cowl [$4]
  • Tallac Cardigan [$8]
  • Ice Cap Cowl [$5]
  • Ridge Line Boot Toppers [$2]
  • Mountain Flower Hat [$5]